Cold weather can be seriously damaging to your hot tub or jacuzzi spa if you haven’t taken the proper precautions.  When water freezes, it expands by up to 10%; in a full hot tub, this means that a lot of water is expanding without any extra room to accommodate it.  This is when what is commonly referred to as “freeze damage” occurs.  Freeze damage can include burst or broken pipes, busted valves, cracked shells, and more.

We experience a lot of cold weather in Philadelphia, but that’s what makes Hot Tub Service Pros the experts are getting your hot tub ready to survive the winter months!  We offer winterization services for all makes and models of hot tubs.

Winterization is when we completely—and we mean completely—drain your tub of all water so that there’s nothing left to expand and cause damage during a freeze.  We’ll also administer antifreeze throughout your hot tub’s system to prevent the pipes themselves from freezing.

This may seem like an easy enough task, but freeze damage can cause catastrophic damage; that being said, it’s best to let the experts take care of your spa winterization so you know for certain that your hot tub will be in good condition come Spring.

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    Spa Tub Opening / Spa Tub Closing Services

    Hot Tub Service Pros will happily help you open your hot tub back up after it has been closed or winterized for an extended period of time.  Spa Opening services include refilling your tub, treating the water so that it has the right pH balances, flushing out any antifreeze from winterization services, and ensuring that all parts are in good working order.

    If you plan on not using your hot tub for an extended period of time (3 months or more), our techs can also come out to help you safely close it down.  We’ll make sure it is disconnected from all power sources, fully drained, and protected against any cold or harsh weather.

    Hot Tub Freeze Damage Repair Services PA

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    In the event that your hot tub does suffer from freeze damage, Hot Tub Service Pros is here to help you recover.  We’ll come out and safely repair any burst or damaged pipes, broken valves, busted heaters, etc. and ensure that your hot tub is back in good working order in no time at all.

    Whether you’re looking to protect your hot tub for the winter or you have some freeze damage that needs to be addressed, Hot Tub Service Pros is the company to call.  Give us a call today at the number listed below to schedule your appointment, or you can fill out our online form for a free quote!