If you’ve just purchased your first hot tub or jacuzzi spa, then congratulations!  The next step is installation, and Hot Tub Service Pros couldn’t be more excited to help you out with it.  We’ll ensure that your brand-new purchase is handled with care and installed quickly, safely, and correctly.  Our experienced techs will be able to identify the best area in your yard to place your hot tub, and we’ll help out to ensure that it’s delivery-accessible.

Once your hot tub arrives, our techs won’t have any trouble ensuring that your hot tub is correctly hooked up to your electrical and plumbing system.  We’ll double check to make certain that the available outlets are putting out enough power (roughly 110v or 220v).  If necessary, we’ll pull in an electrician for 220v tubs to ensure that everything is wired correctly.

Finally, we’ll fill up your hot tub and get it running so that we can be sure that everything is working perfectly!

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    Tips on Setting Up Your New Hot Tub, Jacuzzi or Spa Tub

    • First and foremost, trust the professionals!  A lot can go wrong with an installation and set-up, especially because a hot tub requires both plumbing and electrical know-how.  You don’t want anything to go wrong with a big investment like that, but you can trust Hot Tub Service Pros to handle everything from start to finish.
    • Your hot tub should go on the most flat, stable area of your property (the best bet is a concrete foundation).  If you’re uncertain what area would be best, any of our technicians would be happy to survey your property with you and identify the best spot(s).
    • Make sure the area you want your hot tub to rest in is delivery-accessible.  You can do this by measuring the width and height of any gates, etc. to ensure that the hot tub will be able to pass through.  If delivery would not be accessible this way, then you can discuss other options in advance, such as crane delivery or temporary removal of portions of your fence/ gate.
    • Prep the area in advance!  You don’t want any debris, low-hanging branches, etc. getting in the way during installation.

    If you’ve just purchased a new hot tub or spa and you can’t wait to get it installed and running, then Hot Tub Service Pros is just a call away!  Give us a ring at the number listed above to schedule your appointment for installation and set-up, or you can fill out our online form for a free quote!